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SCT #6 Photo Opps

Photo Opportunity with Sophie Aldred at Stoke CON Trent #6

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Image of Photo Opportunity with Sophie Aldred at Stoke CON Trent #6

Photo Opportunity with Sophie Aldred - Ace from Doctor Who at Stoke CON Trent #6 9th April 2017

£15 is for a Photo Opportunity E Ticket (a code will be sent via email) to the event which will allow access to a Photo Opprtunity on the day.
* You are responsible for collecting your photos

* We will upload all photos to our website where attendees can buy reprints or downloads
* Photos will be printed very soon after they are taken however we will include the caveat that the print time can be up to two hours, depending on how busy a guest is or the photography team is. Please plan accordingly so you are able to collect on them on the day

* All guests attend subject to commitments, in the event that a photo opportunity ticket is purchased for a guest who cancels then a refund will be issued

* If due to any unforeseen circumstances photos are not available on the day then digital copies will be made available for free download as soon as possible after the event has closed

* Any photo-ops purchased will need to be collected at the event, we aren’t in a position to post them after the event has passed